Light Rail Day in Copenhagen/Denmark,4.-5.11.2019
-registration is open -

Important for your registration: If you are public employee, you can ask the Event Manager for a discount. The discount is only offered to public employees. If you need an (EAN) invoice, please ask the organiser. During registration you need to decide, if you join the bus trip Monday at 10:30.
Link to registration:

Light Rail Day is the leading conference for Tramway in Scandinavia.
The Ring3 project and other Tramway projects in the Nordics are in focus this year. 

Excursion starts at “Metroselskabet”, Metrovej 5, 2300 Copenhagen S
(use Metro Station ”Vestamager”)
Conference at CfL, Folke Bernadottes Allé 45, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
(use “Østerport” Station, S-train and Railway)

Monday, 4.11.2019
10:00 - Registration starts
11:00 - Bus trip along the future line of Ring3 Tramway with guides from “Metroselskabet”.
14:00 - Back at CfL, conference venue.

Henrik Plougmann Olsen, CEO Metro Copenhagen  

Per Bruun Madsen, Chefkonsulent MOVIA, Copenhagen
“Keep your passengers – Bus operation until Tramway opening” 

Jacob Lundgaard, Team leader, Principal Consultant, Copenhagen Municipality
“Lightrail in Copenhagen” 

DI Transport – Region Hovedstaden   

Thomas Potter, Member of the board, Bergen, Norway
“NLRA, Collaboration between traffic companies in the Nordics”  

Networking Dinner at Restaurant Mastek, Dampfærgevej 8, 2100 København Ø  

Tuesday, 5.11.2019
Mario Rivera, Project Manager, Uppsala Light Rail, Sweden - to be confirmed
“Uppsala Light Rail – short status”  

Ville-Mikael Tuominen, Project Director Tramway, City of Tampere, Finland
“The Tampere project – in time and in budget?”  

Håkan Henmyr, Project leder, Skånetrafiken, Hässleholm, Sweden
“Tramway Lund, strategic urban development in joint project between Region Skåne and the city of Lund”  

Raimund Jünger, Expert – Urban Rail Standardisation, UITP Brussels
“My tram runs on standard gauge! What standard?”    

Lauri Kangas, Planner, Helsinki, Finland
“Intercity Tramline Espoo – Helsinki. The Jokeri Light Rail project”  

Stephan Besier, StadtBahnGestaltung, Leipzig
Consultant for Public Transport planning and expert for urban design of LRT infrastructure
“Green Tracks - long term experiences helping you to find the right solution for your system”  

Andy Wallace, Head of Safety, First Tram Operations, Croydon, UK
“Developmental Competence Management for driving stuff for the Light Railway” – Title to be confirmed  

Alejandro Moreno, CEO, Midland Metro Alliance, UK
“The 5 keys of Midland Metro Alliance”  

PG Andersen, Trivector, Lund, Sweden
“Tram Traffic Safety in the planning Face”

Julian Krischan, ProBahn, Berlin
“Why to change from bus to tramway” 

Don’t miss this important Event for Tramways in Scandinavia.

See you in Copenhagen


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