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Light Rail Day the most important conference for City Tram in Scandinavia. | Light Rail Day

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Program for “Light Rail Day” in Odense/Denmark is almost complete

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Monday, 2th October 2023

Venue: Grand Hotel, Odense

11:00 Registration starts at Grand Hotel, Odense

Transport by Tram to the OL (Odense Letbane) HQ + depot.

15:30             Coffee break at Grand Hotel

Monday speakers:

Dan Ravn, CEO Odense Letbane. ”The story of Odense Tramway” (confirmed)

Søren Steen Thrane, Maintenance Manager OL, “Lessons learned” (confirmed)

Per Bredesgaard, Innovations, Aarsleff Rail, “Maintain a new Tramway” (confirmed)

18:30             Networking Dinner Grand Hotel, Odense


Tuesday, 3th October 2023

08:00 Registration starts, 8:30 Welcome

Lauri Kangas, HSL Helsinki, Finland
“Tramway project alliance experiences”

David Frei, Business Development Manager, Stadler Signalling AG
“Smart Automation and Digitalization of Light Rail Vehicles”

Mads Teisen, Program leader mobility, Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality, Denmark
“Light Rail Owner - How to navigate in waters of fear, prejudice and real problems”

Engineer Dirk Schillings, CTO-Light Rail Vehicles, Stadler Rail Management AG
“The next generation of Light Rail Vehicles from Stadler Rail”

Reinhold Schröter, Operation-Manager, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen, Germany
“You may need to know how different tramways are thought of”

Stephan Besier, Stadtbahngestaltung, Leipzig, Germany
“Urban development in practise”

Peter Sonne, CEO + Peter Juel Jensen, Plasser Scandinavia
„Quiet rails thanks to ATMO”

Michael Borre + Justin Caton, Aarhus Letbane, Denmark
“Predictive Maintenance at Aarhus Light Rail”

Program is almost compete.

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