Light Rail Day, 9.-10.11.2015 in Copenhagen

Monday, 9th November 2015
14:00 Excursion in the Copenhagen Area
17:40 Networking Dinner at Grilleriet

Tuesday, 10th November 2015
 Engineer Thomas Flügge, Managing Director VCDB Dresden, Germany
Light Rail Renaissance in Skandinavian Cities is the beginning...
.. and the chance for modern, clean and attractive city transport SYSTEM

Engineer Steffen Kähler, BOStrab Betriebsleiter, ÜSTRA, Hannover/Germany
Engineer Michael Rüffer, VerkehrsGesellschaft Frankfurt am Main, BOStrab Betriebsleiter
Driver assistance systems for collision avoidance" 

Pernilla von Strokirch, Lund kommun, Sweden
Status of the Lund City Tram Project"

Engineer Philip Klever, MVG Munich Germany, Public Transport, Tram Vehicles
Tram St. Emmeram - concepts, experiences & best practise solution"

Designer Werner Paulussen,, Düsseldorf, Germany
"Modern Design for City Trams in the modern world of the future"

Prof. Dr.- Engineer Dr. h.c. mult. Eckehard Schnieder, Technical University Brunswick, and 
Lars Schnieder, Head of Department Intermodality and Public Transport
German Aerospace Centre, Institute of Transportation Systems, Brunswick/Germany
"Tram-safety-integrity - Risk assessment of socio-technical systems"