Study Trip to Great Britain 2-4.05.2018 organises a Tramway Study Trip with the Swedish Branch Association for Tramways "Spårvagnsstäderne" - to Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham. The trip is for a closed group of 22 persons, for registration please go to

02.05.2018 Day 1: Trip to Manchester, Touch Down
Visit of the largest Tramway in the UK "Metrolink". The operation was taken over in 2017 by Keolis. In Manchester there is a high floor system and an example of using existing old infrastructure in a tram system.
Special issues in Manchester:
- Crowd management after football games
- City development after Metrolink got into operation

Journey to Birmingham with dinner and overnight stay.

03.05.2018 Day 2: Birmingham
Birmingham is worth a visit because of a new low floor tram system, green track and trams on batteries (first vehichles are delivered). Beside this, the trafiic authority decided to move the operation from the operator, and deal with it inhouse. Interesting story to hear. 
Special issues in Birmingham:
- Trams on batteries (first experiences) and green track
- Tram connection to Wolverhampton
- Operation inhouse
- Presentation "Alliance contracting". A new kind of collaboration between public sector (the owner) and the private sector parties (Companies)

Journey to Nottingham with dinner and overnight stay.

04.05.2018 Day 3: Nottingham and travel to Gatwick Airport
Nottingham has got a modern tram system in a very old city with narrow streets. At one point the curve is only having 18 m - impressing to see the trams running through it. The City has significant hight differences and the trams are climbing up and Down the streets.
Nottingham is the home of Robin Hood and a visit to the Castle with the Robin Hood memorial is recommended.
Special issues in Nottingham:
- City Development / Nottingham Trams as the operator

Journey to Gatwick Airport