Schedule and Fees

Sunday, 10th September 2017 (if you are in town already)
17:00 Letbaner.DK welcomes you to the Light Rail Day 2017 with a small exhibition from the association Lightrail.DK and from Odense Light rail. (Odense is expected to open in 2020).
18:00 we are going for a pleasant walk in the inner city, to see some sights as well as the new Light Rail Line in the renewed harbour district.
19:00 We will end up at the Irish Pub - Tir Na Nog - in Frederiksgade 40, where you are able to bring a burger menu from the neighbour burger bar. You can also choose to visit any other restaurant to eat before a beer on the pub.
Tir Na Nog Pub is situated 160 meter from the hotel, just around the corner, and everything must be paid individually this day.

Monday, 11th September 2017
10:30 The guided tour by tram trough the new network is planned. The ride with the tram is depending on permission for operation by the Danish authorities. The participants of Light Rail Day hopefully will be some of the very first users of Denmark’s new tram system. We are going to visit the depot, where the local partners will introduce themselves. It has not been decided yet, whether the “Nordic Light Rail Prize“ will be awarded again.

In the evening, we will host the Networking Dinner held at the hotel "Scandic Aarhus City", where the conference will take place the following day.

Tuesday, 12th September 2017
8:30 Registration starts, Hotel Scandic Aarhus City
8:55 Welcome

Engineer Johannes Yezbek, Working Group “Safety” - UITP Light Rail Committee,
Head of department tramway operation, Wiener Linien, Austria
Leadership and communication with driving staff – An important factor for decreasing operational incidents”

Engineer Michael Rüffer, Betriebsleiter, VGF Traffic Company Frankfurt/Main, Germany
“We continue Driving on sight”

Engineer David Keay, Railway Tramway Engineering, United Kingdom
“Maintaining safety in the public domain”

Engineer Reinhold Schröter, Betriebsleiter BOStrab, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen, Germany
“Level Crossings for Pedestrians – Safety Considerations of a Man-Machine Interface”

Engineer Eckert Fritz, Project Manager, IFB-Institut für Bahntechnik, Dresden, Germany
“Tampere Light Rail Project, Challenges of Traction Power Supply, part City Center - Hervanta”

Jesper Hansen, Fire Captain, Østjylland Fire Department, Aarhus, Denmark
“Fire Brigade prepares for a new City Tram in town – but who is listening?”

Stephan Marstrander, Student of Mobility + Transportation at the TU Braunschweig
“Safety in the Interaction Between Light Rail and Other Road Users”

 Jimmy Schmincke, Project manager Variobahn, Bergen/Norway
“Starting a light rail system in a Nordic country”

 Simcha Ohrenstein, Chief Technical Officer, Jerusalem Transportation Masterplan Team, Israel
“Delays in Light Rail Projects and what you can learn from that”

 Patrick Sefzik, Stadler Pankow GmbH, Berlin/Germany
“Bringing the suburbs closer to the City - Tram-train concepts from Stadler”

Latest by 16:45 End of conference


The price for registration is 4.960,- DKK net (ca. 665,- € net) for both days and 4.640,- DKK net (ca. 620,- € net) for participation on Tuesday only. Click her to get to Conferencemanager, where you can register for Light Rail Day.

See you in Aarhus.