EU Light Rail in Brussels 17-18.05.2018

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Mainspring UK in creating an international EU Light Rail Conference in Brussels in May 2018, which will take place in the historical and very interesting Tram Museum: Le Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois

Forward-thinking 21st Century cities are enjoying a transport revolution. More and more are choosing fixed-infrastructure transport solutions to provide a backbone for growth, creating cleaner and less congested environments and increased accessibility to employment, housing and leisure activities for all.

Light rail and tramway systems now provide this service in over 400 cities worldwide. With an average of 20 new lines opening each year, and many more in the planning and development stages, innovative new systems and concepts are enabling us to deliver greater efficiency, increased environmental credentials and an enhanced customer offering – but how are these innovations best applied?

EU Light Rail brings together some of the leading opinion-formers and decision-makers for two days of open debate around the role of technology in the development of sustainable urban travel. Exploring topics such as the role of mobile communications, Mobility as a Service, asset monitoring technologies and the latest vehicle and infrastructure, this is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of cities and urban travel.

Light Rail Day in Stockholm 05-06.11.2018

The planning for the next Light Rail Day is now going on. It will be in the wonderful city of Stockholm and have the main focus on "Challenges in existing tram-systems".
Another nice event at this conference is awarding the Nordic Light Rail Price, which will be given to a person, who works with tramways with enthusiasm and innovation and becomes a pioneer in this branch of public transport. 

Our local partner at this conference will be Stockholms Spårvägar, and we will have the opportunity to visit "Spårväg City" - extension for Tram line 7 to the City Centre Area. This new Tram stop will be part of a car-free area, which is completely new for Stockholm. Absolutely worth a visit. This part of the conference will start at 11.00 and we will be back at the hotel at 15.00 for the Nordic Light Rail Price or to have lectures - the program is not fixed yet.

From the Tram-stop Ropsten, we will go with a chartered Tram to the newly build depot at Aga, which is built to accommodate not only the 7-9 trams of "Lidingöbanen", but also all trams needed for the City Tram in Stockholm, with a capacity of 30 units of 40 m trams.

As usual we will have a networking dinner in the evening, where you have the opportunity to meet up with, and share experience within the Tram-business.

On the second day of our conference, you will have international speakers with interesting lectures.

"Citizen Participation" Seminar in Copenhagen 07.06.2018

Not all Citizens are satisfied with the announcement of a new tram way project, therefore communication gets more and more important.
This seminar is very interesting for public services, Communication departments, builders and consultants who have to deal with Constructions, where there could be interest and questions from citizens around the projects.

How can we share our plans with citizens, have a good strategy of communication an make the results satisfying for everyone implicated?

List of speakers yet to come.

Nordic Light Rail Association

The purpose of NLRA

To inform about and promote Public Transport, primary Tramways
To create an international network in the Northern Countries
To award the Nordic Light Rail Price
To promote and support a young student who works with Tramways
To have a tight cooperation with the Light Rail Day Conference
To establish a mentor-program between experienced and unexperienced people in the Tramway business






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