3 Days Study Trip to Germany in October 2017

Light Rail Day offers a three-day study trip in cooperation with the “Stadtbahngestaltung” Stephan Besier, to Leipzig, Chemnitz und Zwickau in Germany from 22. -24.10.2017. 

The experienced guides Bernd Reuß and Stephan Besier have prepared a very interesting program. Stephan has worked as designer and planner for years on many projects in Leipzig and Chemnitz to develop the transport systems and look at Urban integration. You will see how trams operate in narrow streets, bicycle solutions, share space with cars and experience what has been done to reduce negative effects of mix use to speed up tram operations. We will look into the challenges of barrier free access and visit design solutions, overhead pole, green tracks and new stops.

We will discuss safety aspects with people from transport companies or city officials right on the spot. More information and details on how to register can be found on the Light Rail Day homepage under the heading “Study Trip“.


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